Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Trust God


Exodus 4,5 & 14

I'm currently reading the story of Moses, you know the part where Pharaoh makes the children of Israel make bricks with no straw?  It was hard for Moses to understand what God was trying to do, even when He had performed all the miracles up on that mountain for Moses to see - turning sticks into serpents and inflicting temporary leprosy, God had a plan!  We all know the ending of this story but boy it took a whole lot of wandering, punishments and miracles for the children of Israel to finally get it! My question for you is do you get it?  God makes amazing, miraculous and wonderful things happen for us because He loves us so, and we revel and bask and praise Him for He has been so kind to us but then months later when trouble abounds we find ourselves worrying and complaining and weeping and suddenly we forget that not to long ago we were relishing in our blessings.  It's so easy to forget that all we need to do is pray, trust and have faith.  It's that simple!  How can we forget? He did part the waters for the children of Israel and cause the Egyptian soldiers to drown,  so I'm sure that your small or your seemingly large issues is not too big for God to handle.  

My simple message to you is trust Him, He'll see you through.

Pray this:

Lord, I love you, I thank you for you are holy, worthy and mighty.  Help me not to forget how mighty you are.  Help me to remember that nothing is too hard for you and that you can hear me before I even open my mouth to pray, help me to realize that you understand my needs and you know what's best for me.  Help me Lord to trust in your timing, believe in your powers and to wait on your word.  -- In Your holy name, Amen